Many ordinary people are wasting large amounts of money filling up the Government coffers by paying VAT on absolutely everything they buy!

Question – Why do they do it?
Answer – Because they are hooked into ‘the System’.
Solution – Break out of the System.

How? It is legally possible to buy consumer goods and avoid paying VAT on them. This is done by purchasing goods abroad from the comfort of your own home on the Internet.

An increasing number of people today have access to a computer – in fact one in three households now have a computer. Computer technology was once only available to the rich; now as prices of computers tumble almost weekly they are within the reach of many. Most new computers are now supplied with integral modems, which enable access to the Internet via a telephone line. In order to gain access to the Internet you will need to register with a service provider such as CompuServe; that service provider will give you all of the necessary help to get you started.

If you are not familiar with computers and the Internet, if would be in your very best interests to make sure that you bring yourself up to speed in this area as soon as possible. It is the way of the future and within a few years we will all find it difficult to manage without the new technology.

As for the Internet, when this first started to develop it was not very sophisticated and some of the people trying to do business on the Net, as it is known, were highly suspect; folk were suspicious of doing business. However, whilst there is still some scepticism on the part of some people and a reluctance to give credit card details on the Net, the situation is improving and with the introduction of secure sites (ones where it is safe to give your credit card details, without fear of them being copied or misappropriated), an increasing number of people are doing business.

There is much room for the average person in the street to make great savings by buying goods on the Net. One might immediately think that this is impractical in terms of having to arrange shipping and pay costs; one might also think that it is time consuming and that there is a chance of losing money and that it simply is not worth it for a one-off purchase. Well, let me tell you all of these things do not present problems. There are a large number of companies out there trading on the Net. You can buy lots of goods at a fraction of the price of the same in the UK and an added bonus is that there is no VAT payable. You can receive the goods quickly and feel that your money is secure if you purchase with a credit card (if the goods do not turn up you simply claim on the card provider). The company supplying the goods will organise shipping and any import duty that may need to be paid and will quote you fully inclusive prices (to avoid the headache of the arithmetic!)

As for finding the goods you need, the hassle of this may put people off. However, specialist companies are now emerging on the Net; these organisations will help you track anything that you need. Have a look at a company called Planet Retail – you will find it using any search engine on the Net. This company has a very good reputation.

Clearly there is a limit to what you can buy. It would be impractical to purchase very large items or items that may operate on, say, a different electrical system to the UK. There is nothing to stop you saving money on watches, cameras, sunglasses (what about some Ray Bans at half price?), etc., etc.

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