It is not just for illegal or immoral purposes that many people want a second passport. There are all sorts of benefits to having one – such as to prove ties to another country or for those who suddenly (for whatever reason) find themselves unwelcome in their homeland.

For those who the government does not wish to leave the country, taking away their passport is the safest way to contain them. Having a second passport is the best way to escape!

How To Qualify For A Second Passport

By Birth.

You are entitled to a passport from the country where you were born. If you subsequently obtain citizenship of another country by marriage, emigration etc, you may be entitled to a passport from that country. Children who are born to parents outside their home country may be entitled to dual citizenship.

By Adoption.

A child who is adopted by a national of some other country can usually claim citizenship and a second passport. Rules vary between countries.

By Ancestry.

Some countries allow citizenship to those whose ancestors were nationals. Ireland, for example, offers citizenship to applicants whose grandparents were Irish and Israel offers citizenship to anyone who fits certain criteria. Many countries offer similar schemes.

By Marriage.

Some countries offer citizenship to anyone who marries one of its nationals. In some countries rigid investigation is carried out on any so-called marriage of convenience. Always check first.

By Investment.

These are countries, particularly poor ones, who allow citizenship in exchange for a large investment. Many countries have some form of investment for citizenship policy -so it is worth checking with the embassy for the country concerned.

By Purchase.

In come countries you simply buy the right to citizenship. Argentina, for example, US$30,000 held in a local bank for 120 days will allow you to apply for permanent citizenship.

By Naturalisation.

Living in a country of your choice for a certain length of time will normally allow you to apply for permanent residence.

Recommended Reading

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