Once you have established a credit rating as described in chapter one you are in a position to borrow thousands from the banks with which you have been dealing. Go to each of the half dozen or so banks from which you deposited and borrowed £500 (or whatever sum you were able to use) and request a personal loan application.

Fill out the loan application for a sum of between £500 and, say, £2,000. Even if you apply to borrow only £500 from each of six banks, that still amounts to a total of £3,000. Take the applications home, fill them out and take them, in person, to each of the banks all the same day. By doing this, any check on your borrowing will only show up for any loans, which you already have. The banks will not have details of the loan applications made to other banks on the same day.

Because the individual sums for which you are applying are relatively small, and because you have already established yourself as a credit-worthy with each of the banks to which you are applying, you should find that the loans are approved in a matter of days. Sometimes you will get clearance on the same day you apply and can leave the bank with a cheque for the loan amount.

Often banks will deposit the money directly into your account with them. If this is the case you simply go to the cash desk and make a withdrawal for the full amount either later the same day or whenever it suits your convenience.

Using this method I borrowed £8,000 and deposited the full amount with another bank form, which I had not originally borrowed. I deposited £5,000 in a savings account with that bank, and £3,000 in a current account.

By lodging the £5,000 as security I then was able to borrow a further £5,000 and repeat the process as detailed in chapter one. Ultimately borrowing £30,000 I then invested in a small run-down, one bedroom flat for £18,000. I paid £7,000 to have this flat completely renovated and sold it 6 months later for £32,000. Even after interest payments I still made a profit of over £5,000. £5,000 in the space of 6 months is not a great deal of money, by any standard. However, when you consider I had been virtually bankrupt less than a year earlier and started the whole venture with only £650 in total I think you will agree that it is not a bad return.

I mention the property deal here because that is what I did with the money I borrowed at that time. I have been involved in many property deals over the years, most of which have made considerably more that £5,000… often more than ten times that amount.

This example is pertinent here because it shows what can be done with the smallest amount of starting capital. Once you have used the method of borrowing detailed above, you will eventually develop a credit rating where you will be able to borrow between £10,000 and £20,000 within a day or two of applying. If you keep building up the amount borrowed, and expand the number of banks you deal with to ten, then you will only need to borrow £10,000 from each one in order to raise £100,000.

First of all you can borrow as little as the £500 originally discussed in chapter one. But expand the number of banks you use to ten. You then go to as many as all ten of these banks and request a 30-day loan of £1,000. Because of the credit rating you have established you should have no trouble at all in borrowing such small amounts from each bank.

When the 30-day borrowing period is over, repay the whole amount to each bank on the same day. After another month or two, go to all of these banks again and ask to borrow £2,000 for a sixty or ninety day period.

Again, repay the loans promptly at the end of the sixty or ninety day period. After another two or three steps using this method, you will be able to borrow at least £10,000. Because you will now be recognised by the banks as someone who is a very good lending risk, you should be able to have a loan of £10,000 approved, at each bank, within a day or two.

So, once you have built your reputation for credit-worthiness, you can raise at least £100,000 within two days of applying.

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